Ashley Manley
Ashley Manley

Have you always wanted to have an at-home yoga practice but never felt quite sure how to start? I FEEL YOU!

the homegrown yogi

Hi future yogi! I'm Ashley, and I used to be just like you.  For years, I convinced myself that the only way I could grow as a yogi was by going to a formal studio (something that wasn't an option in my regular schedule) and not making any progress, I realized that I could strengthen my practice without the hassles of having to find childcare, drive to a studio and pay money OR trying to figure out which youtube video I needed to follow that morning.  I desperately wanted to learn how to just meet myself on my mat and let my body move and breathe.

The problem was, I couldn't find ANY guide to help me do this easily.  I had to do so much research to figure out how to properly align myself or how to sequence a flow...even how to breathe the right way!   Ultimately, the easiest way for me to learn all of this information was to go through a 200HR  Yoga Teacher Training.  I knew from about the 2nd week in the training, my ultimate teaching goal wasn't to teach in a studio, but to teach people that were just like me, a busy human that just wanted to practice yoga, how to do it in their own homes without having to look to a teacher or on a screen.

becoming homegrown

BECOMING HOMEGROWN is an eGuide with all of the information to create a strong foundation for an at-home yoga practice, showing you exactly  what to do on your mat every single day for 28-days.

Becoming Homegrown has been a labor of love and personal growth.  I'm so excited to be able to share it with you and guide you through the amazing journey of creating and building your at-home yoga practice.  

Through the plan in this 4-week eGuide you will:

  • Establish a routine to get you onto your mat on a regular basis

  • Learn and practice over 20 poses

  • Explore breath work, meditation, and setting intentions to find what elements you want to bring to your personal practice

  • Begin to build your own vinyasa yoga sequences

  • Create time for yourself to help make you stronger and more centered

becoming homegrown (yoga eGuide by Ashley Manley)

Here's what you get!

  • 100-page PDF that is searchable and mobile device friendly. If you have an iPhone, you can even copy it to your iBooks app!

  • High quality images and video showing every pose with modifications.

  • Practice schedule that details exactly what you are supposed to be practicing daily.

  • 30-day email access to Ashley to ask any questions you have about the program.

  • Lifetime membership to a private facebook group with periodical “resets” to help you dig a little deeper into your practice.

becoming homegrown (yoga eGuide by Ashley Manley)

I really believe in the power of the at-home yoga practice and feel where ever you are in life, you can create a positive shift by adding a practice into your day.   If you've ever been envious of those that practice yoga but told yourself you "can't do it" for one reason or another, that's just not true!

Who is this for?

  • The person that has never practiced yoga but has always been interested trying it.

  • Someone that has been to a yoga class but wants to build a sustainable practice without leaving their house.

  • The flexible or the make this practice suit YOUR body and level!

becoming homegrown (yoga eGuide by Ashley Manley)

YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY! If you feel like you don't fit into the stereotypical image of what you think a yogi should look like, you are wrong.  You can be young or old, small or big, athletic or a couch potato...You make the poses work for you, not the other day around!  Don't be deterred if you feel like you "don't have the right body" or "aren't flexible enough," yoga looks different for all of us and it is not a one size/skill level practice!


Becoming Homegrown (yoga eGuide by Ashley Manley)

Not convinced this is the right program for you? Don't take my word for it!

Here's what Katie, someone that had never stepped on a yoga mat before this guide, had to say after working through the 4-week plan:

Yoga has been in the back of my mind as an interest I wanted to pursue, but as a homeschooling mom with little kids, attending classes was not feasible and the myriad of internet resources was overwhelming, so a personal yoga practice remained unattainable for me. Enter Ashley’s e-guide. Her guide is jam packed with all I needed to know from getting started to developing my own personal practice; from equipment recommendations to pictures and videos demonstrating different poses, she walks you through step by step starting with learning how to breathe and ending with sequencing your own practice. Her guide is the perfect balance of practical wisdom (she’s a homeschooling mom with little kids, too), technique, and freedom. In four weeks I have gone from no yoga experience to a 30 minute daily session that I eagerly look forward to every morning. I am also a more patient wife and mother, and I have even started meditating! I could not have done this without her. Thank you, Ashley!!
— katie

So...are you ready to join the Becoming Homegrown tribe yet!?!? Click below to get started on the amazing journey of your at-home yoga practice today!