that time we went to iceland

that time we went to iceland

I spent the whole flight back from Iceland trying to figure out what I was going to say in this post but everything seemed too wordy.  Plus, I don't think you really want to read a play-by-play of how we spent 8-days and how many showers I didn't take.  Hashtag, gross.  And how do you even start the story of camping in a car in the wild of Iceland for a week, anyway!?? We hiked to glaciers, swam in hot springs, and I took photos that don't even do the place justice.

I took 1,357 photos, culled a collection of keepers down to 151, and am sharing 54 with you today.

It was crazy and weird, maybe one of the wildest vacations we will ever go on in our lives, and while it might not be the trip of your dreams, I hope the photos inspire you to pick that location you've always thought about visiting, put it on a calendar square, and start saving your pennies.

Life is too short and this world is too big to not see it.  

Happy summer, friends! xo