5 reasons you need to take self-portraits at your next haircut

Last week, I found 4 new (unplanned) dreadlocks in my hair (again) and promptly texted my hair magician Vanessa for an emergency cut.  The last time I told her I had an emergency (2 weeks ago) was because I needed a perm and she refused to move forward with that plan, but this time, thankfully, she obliged and fit me into the schedule.  

I knew it was going to be chopped off totally because of the previously mentioned dreadlocks.  If you don't know me on a personal level, you might not know this about me, but brushing my hair is not a strength of mine.  I don't really know why this is so difficult to find time for, but for some reason it is.  And also, the knots kind of make my hair have some volume, so that's an added bonus of rat's nests, making them more appealing.

Anyway, I took my camera because self-portraits of every part of life are a total must, and wanted to share with you today 5 reasons you need to take self-portraits at your next haircut.

1.  The cape is sexy.

Just kidding, I look like a weird little boy with that thing on, but it's super funny for photos.  Plus, Vanessa is a weirdo like me and has a cape with stars all over it that makes for a fun addition to pictures and a good a fabulous conversation piece.

2. Getting a haircut is like going on vacation.

A vacation for me involves being alone, not doing work, indulging in good food and drink, and feeling relaxed, which is basically what happens when I go get a haircut.  Do you know what else happens on vacation? A lot of photo taking, that's what.  So, if the salon and a vacation feel the same, shouldn't they be documented the same? Yes.

3.  Getting a haircut is doing something for you

Most of the time, the urgency to get a haircut doesn't come from other people telling you you need a haircut, it comes from you deciding it's time to make it happen.  It's because you want to do something for yourself, feel a little better about yourself, and maybe even make a little change.  You are changing on the outside but also (hopefully!) end up feeling a little better on the inside, too.  You are going from caterpillar you to butterfly you, and that totally deserves to be in a couple of frames, even if you feel like a goon.

4.  Your stylist will love you.

At least mine did. She thought the whole thing was a total hoot and loved it!  And if your stylist thinks you are a total weirdo and rains on your self-portrait parade, you should probably find someone new and more accepting of your antics.

5.  It is so much fun!

Everyone gets all stressed out when it comes to self-portraits but that's not how it has to be.  I laughed as I carried my camera into the salon, I laughed as I pushed the shutter, and I laughed as we looked at the back of the camera in the end.  I LOVE the photos, LOVE that they are an artifact that I will have forever, and LOVED every second of the process.  The photos aren't the best ever, you really can't see what my final haircut looks like in them, but the fun process make them amazing to me.  And let's be real, who says no to fun?!

So happy you stopped by today and would love to see your photos and hear your story about when you go get your next haircut, so be sure to get in touch!



PS Struggle with getting in the frame and taking good self-portraits? There's an eBook for that!