Nerds, Birds, and a Morning on the Water

Nerds, Birds, and a Morning on the Water
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My husband and I had a kid-free morning last week (cue the singing angels and glorious harp sounds, please!) and the weather was near perfection so we decided to take our canoe for a spin in the flooded backwaters of the Illinois River.   Now, something you might not know about me is that I'm not really into physical activity.  I love the outdoors, I love doing all things outdoors, but I really don't like doing the work.  That means, 'til death do us part, Kevin will forever be picking up my slack by carrying me up the steep parts of hikes and being a solo-paddler in all aquatic endeavors.  Sorry hun, I have pictures to take and don't like pain. <shrugs shoulders>

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I didn't bring a big camera, only my iPhone on this outing, as my plan was just to take a couple of photos to send my mom, but then I just kept shooting and couldn't stop.  Sometimes that happens when the spirit moves me and I get caught up in an artsy fury that's all very magical and weird of me.  Plus, it's not like I was busy paddling or anything.  Anyway, when the adventure was over, I was so excited about the photos, I actually took the time to pull them onto my computer and edit them, which is something I rarely do with my iPhone photos, but what can I say, sometimes I get wild and unpredictable.  <shrugs shoulders again>

Another thing you might not know about us is that we are kind of nerdy over midwestern bird-watching, so you can imagine how exciting it was for us to get out on the first really warm and sunny day of the year.  I don't like to use the zoom on my iPhone camera, so I couldn't get any really good shots of the birds that I go nerdy over, but we spotted our first Baltimore Orioles of the season (I was so excited I almost flipped the canoe!), a tree full of Red-headed Woodpeckers (my favorite ones!) and something we believe is a type of Warbler but are still working on that identification.  See? I told you, total nerds.  

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Alas, today I give you a collection of photos, shot with my iPhone 6, of our quiet morning on the Illinois, filled with bird songs, Kevin telling me to sit down and not to drop my phone, and the most perfect temperatures of the year.

boho preset, twilight

For photographers reading this wondering about my edits, I'm all about full disclosure up in here.  Lately, I've been playing around with post-processing a lot more as a way of pushing my creative boundaries in my personal shooting.  When I was in business, I was all about consistent editing, but more and more I'm letting my mood influence me and mixing it up.  Anyway, I'm currently kind of obsessed with the Bohemian pack from Pretty Presets for Lightroom.  If you are into photography and are looking for something new to add to your workflow, you should check them out.  Also, I can't tell you enough what an awesome community they have on their Pretty Presets Facebook Group that I HIGHLY suggest joining that is so super supportive of one another. If you are interested in RAW file DSLR work, I edited this entire collection, with them as well.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions...I LOVE to help :)

Oh, and I obviously have a love for the overdone "tip of the canoe pointing at somewhere lovely" photo...sometimes I'm a cliche. ha :)