this is march.

One of the reasons I was apprehensive to leave social media was because I know there are people that genuinely want to see photos of my children (I'm looking at you Mom and my BFF, Nicole!) After I made the decision to go dark (more about that here), I wracked my brain trying to come up with ideas on how I could share these photos without bogging my blog down with posts that started with "and here are pictures of my kids doing...". I decided a monthly summary of our story in snapshots was the perfect solution. And including 'this is us' in the title is a bonus tribute to the Pearson family that I'm a little too obsessed with.

Moving on.

These will be filled with photos that are meaningful to me but aren't technically perfect and will keep my mentioned Mom and BFF happy (for real, they can get crazy, y'all). I also hoped for those people that might not necessarily care about my offspring, they might find inspiration to shoot the photos that are important to them, even if the light isn't perfect, focus is off, and the moment is nothing special to anyone else. These aren't the photos that will go viral, but they will go in an album.

This month, we got chickens, ducks, played outside, played inside, and saw what we hope was our last snow of the season...and by judging these photos, never changed out of PJs.  March, you were pretty good to us.


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