My desire to homeschool our kids came out of nowhere.  As a former classroom teacher, I never expected anything other than a traditional education for my own kids.  One day, however, my son Oak counted to 12 and I cried.  Not because 12 was some big mathematical accomplishment, but because he did it and I was there.  It was then I realized I wanted to be present for as many of these learning moments as possible for as long as possible. 

We started homeschooling this year with preschool with no clear plan in mind of how long this will last.  If you ask my husband and then ask me, we will most definitely give you two different answers.  So, for now, we will take it year by year.  

At just over 5 weeks in, I am by no means an expert.  I'm not an overachiever when it comes to teaching my preschooler, at home or otherwise, but slowly we are chipping away and finding our own path.  I created this page not to boast at how much I know or brag about what we do, but rather to share resources that have served us well and I want other mamas to know about.  We move slow in our days, spend a lot of time outdoors, and try not to live by the to-do list.

I also started a nature group through Wild + Free for other families in Central Illinois that share our priority of getting our kids out and learning in nature.  We meet several times a month and we would love for you to join us!  Please shoot me an email or join our Facebook group...we would love to have you!


The Peaceful Preschool

I love this curriculum.  It has been a perfect guide for us in helping structure our days, figure out pacing, and provide us with a list of amazing books to read. 

Wild + Free

I found this resource before I wanted to homeschool, which is kind of funny looking back.  The monthly bundles are so inspirational and valuable, I recommend it over almost anything I have come in contact with in regards to homeschooling.  Bucket List: attend a W+F conference.

This Humble Hive

A supplemental 10-week curriculum based on colors.  Great activities that go along with our main curriculum!

Fall Lessons

I adore the change of seasons (maybe because I grew up in Florida and had only one?) and really wanted to make sure I took time to celebrate them.  I've created 2-weeks of lessons centered around changing leaves and pumpkins, based off of the format of The Peaceful Preschool, that I wanted to share.  These are for preschool-aged kids but can be adapted for older kids as well.  Just omit any activities that aren't useful or adjust them to match your needed skill levels.  Feel free to download one or both of these!  Happy Fall, y'all! 

Leaves Plan {click to download}

Pumpkin Plan {Click to Download}