Ashley Manley
Ashley Manley

Hey, you! I'm Ashley.

I'm a former professional photographer turned amateur experimental hobbyist (is that a thing? it totally should be!) After some shifts in my family life and coming to the harsh realization that I just didn't love being in business as a photographer, I decided to stop taking sessions in 2018 and now totally shoot for me (which currently means going through a lot of rolls of film and destroying my kitchen with developing chemicals.  Oops!)  I love the feeling of not knowing what an image is going to look like and the slowness that film lends itself to, something I desperately need in the midst of a busy and loud life.  Please reach out and say hi, I want to know you!

ashley manley



xo, Ash  // IG @ ashleymanleyphoto

ashley manley

Random facts that I'm not sure anyone cares about

I live on a smal chaotic farm in Central Illinois.

The color turquoise, big windows, and homemade details make me melt.

I'm from Florida but loathe that humidity when I think about it.

The beach and mountains are my happy places.

Coffee, wine, camping, hiking,  birdwatching, watercolors, the first snow, the first swim, the first fall leaves, the first tulip...these are a few of my favorite things. (please sing that last line)

We are homeschooling the kids for the early years of their education...partly because I want more time withe the kids and partly because I like to keep myself crazy.

I was a school teacher (Kindergarten then high school social studies) for 8 years before staying home with the wildlings.

I shoot digital with a Fuji X-T2 and 23mm 1.4 lens and 35mm film with a Canon EOS 2000...I don't know if they are the best or the worst, and frankly don't care much.

ashley manley