Hey, you...I'm Ashley.

I've realized recently maybe I've spent the better part of my life trying to become what I thought I should be.  A career path, a photography voice, a hairstyle...But somehow, motherhood helped shatter all of those noisy expectations that, as it turns out, I never really cared about.  I was humbled by sleepless hardships of having screaming newborns, shattered by the unwanted opinions of others that told me everything I was doing was wrong, and rebuilt by the grace and unconditional love of two innocent children and one fiercely loyal husband.  In the sleepless nights, I have found clarity.  In the middle of fields of wild grasses to the songs of birds and crickets, I have discovered calm.  A decade ago, I teetered somewhere between pretending to not have flaws and letting my flaws define me.  Today, however, I embrace them.  I carry them with me and laugh at them.  I learn from them.  Most importantly, I love them.

My journey is not special.  I'm a stay-at-home mom in the midwest with two young kids that I could brag on for days.  Coffee, wine, fall...I'm ordinary in description.  But here I am, living a life I never would have imagined.  It's messier, slower, and so much sweeter.

I love photography but I'm not interested in gear, love writing but I'm not interested in many books, love adventuring, but often times, I'm not interested in leaving home.  

Most importantly, I'm happy you are here.  I hope you read something that means something and find time to say hello.  Even though I'm a homebody these days, I love new friends.


xo, Ashley