Ashley Manley
Ashley Manley

Welcome, friend!


Hi you! Thanks for being here! I’m Ashley, mom of 2 little wild ones, wife to Kevin, and lover of outside and eclectic things.

When my husband and I decided I would leave my career of teaching to be a stay-at-home mom, my world was flipped upside down. I was terrified with the task of raising people and was so worried to not have an identity other than mom! After a couple years, we finally found some kind of balance and our own kind of rhythm. Getting to stay home and see these two little people grow turned out to be the best kind of adventure I could ever be on!

Our days are now filled with school work as I homeschool my kids through their early school years. I love documenting them and us as we grow and learn together. Sometimes we have tears, but there’s more laughs. In between stories and potty training and forever doing laundry, I try to fit time to myself in on my yoga mat. I’m a certified yoga teacher even though I rarely teach outside of my house…because who wants to go out in public these days?! :)

My hope is to make our house feel like home to anyone that visits (or looks at photos!) and that’s what this blog is about…a home filled with laughter, mindfulness, healthy food, creativity, love, and a little bit of yoga. I’m not usually documenting the beginning or end of anything, it’s mostly just the middle, where all the hard and wonderful parts are.

Thanks for being here in the trenches of life with me! xo -Ashley