Ashley Manley
Ashley Manley

Welcome, friend!

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I'm Ashley, a mom, wife, gardener, photography nerd, driven by curiosity, camping-enthusiast, southerner-turned-midwesterner,  black coffee drinking, stay-at-home mom, yogi…depending on the day, that list can most definitely be longer or shorter.

I’ve thought of deleting this blog about a thousand times, but if you are still reading this, I decided I still have more to say…so here we are.

About my personal life…

We currently live in a small town in central Illinois on a farm but are soon moving to a city in Iowa to live in a real neighborhood. Watch out world! The transition is one I’m both terrified and excited for. I homeschool our 2 little ones in an effort to keep our days slow and to savor as much of this wonderful and exhausting time as possible. 2019 is a year of trying new things in our home…new products, new methods, new routines. I’m hoping to share all of those adventures here with you!

About my photography….

I have been obsessively obsessed with photography for 5 years. I’ve explored all types of styles, loving mostly a form of hybrid documentary and lifestyle…lifeumentary? :) I love experimenting with film and wonky ways of shooting as well as capturing simple ordinary moments. I no longer take clients, but my love for the art is still strong and alive. My blog is the most likely place to see my big camera or film work, but snapshots of my kids can also be found on instagram @ashley_ manley_

About my yoga…

Early in 2018, I got my 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification in order to better understand and strengthen my own practice. Before moving, I taught an awesome group at a small local gym, but my passion remained on having and encouraging others in their home practice. If you’ve never tried yoga but have always wanted to start, THIS GUIDE might be just what you are looking for.

My hope with sharing my own journey, yoga, photography, and otherwise, is to inspire people like me: women that want to make time for themselves even when time is limited, to do they things they love. To show that anything is possible with a little grit, determination, and a side order of grace. I document my yoga journey (and most of my personal thoughts) over on instagram @the_ homegrown _ yogi. Come say hi, wontcha?

Regardless of what brings you here,  I'm so happy you are.

hugs and high fives,