how to be clean when you feel so dirty

how to be clean when you feel so dirty

I’m talking about eating y’all…clean eating. Don’t be so crude.

I wanted to take a second to talk about food. More specifically, the food I put in my body. There are some things I need to disclose, like first of all, my house isn’t all organic. Sometimes, I buy organic food because a lot of times it has fewer ingredients…like broth. Store bought broth is filled with weird stuff, so I always go organic. Same thing with tuna fish (why ya gotta put soy in there, StarKist?!) It’s not something I plan out, it’s something I decide based on labels. I do probably 95% of my shopping at Walmart and I try really hard to budget while eating good food. Sometimes I get the organic milk, sometimes I save the $4 and put it towards something else.

Second, I’m also not anything free…I’m an equal opportunity eater. I like bread, I love cheese, and I eat meat. Some fellow yogis might cringe over that, but I’m good with my carnivorous habits. I try to eat lots of good foods, but I also don’t restrict myself when it’s something I really want…like carrot cake…or pizza…or beer.

With all of this being said, I really work hard (most of the time) to fill my body with good food to make me feel my best. In November 2017 I did a Whole 30 and it really opened my eyes to my relationship with food and how good (or bad!) they can make me feel…I even started drinking black coffee! But, even though I learned a lot, my diet is far from perfect. I’ll have some weeks where I kill it with my clean eating while I also have weeks where dinner rotates between frozen nuggets and pizza….because that’s life. When I notice my habits starting to get lazy (bagel for breakfast, goldfish for lunch, frozen pizza for dinner type menu) I know I need a reset. I thrive on rules like “yes eat that!” “don’t eat that!” to get me back on track. I wouldn’t be able to do that forever, but to retrain my body and mind how to deal with food it definitely helps me.

I’ve been in one of these lazy eating ruts for the last few weeks…it’s not because I don’t care, I do! It’s because I’m SO busy. We are dealing with a move, my kids have a bunch going on, etc. etc. Life. My friend Jill over at Jill Zavada Wellness was hosting a Whole Food Detox last week (something she does seasonally) and as I read it while I was eating a bowl of goldfish, I figured it was probably a good idea. The timing was perfect and she’s awesome….and goldfish.

She shared a lot of great recipes and tricks (I can’t give away her secrets, y’all!) but I did want to share some of my biggest take aways and also my clean eating staples that I try to keep in the pantry to keep healthy options a little easier to choose.

First of all, and probably most importantly, the 2 things I learned (or should I say re-learned?)

  1. Drink the damn water.

  2. Make the damn time.

Both of these things I make excuses for, but I learned that I feel better when I’m hydrated and I make the time to make healthy choices (no matter how much I tell myself I don’t!) This was absolutely the reset of priorities and habits that I needed!

Second, I want to share some new recipes that I tried and also some pantry staples that I keep on hand to help clean up my food (even when it’s still a little dirty).

So, my walmart shopping must-haves (in no particular order!)

  1. Franks Red Hot Sauce (clean ingredients and makes everything more yummy)

  2. Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage (sometimes I eat it with breakfast, sometimes dinner. I LOVE the flavor!)

  3. Wholly Guacamole cups (I love avocado and guac but this takes it to an easy level. I spread it on toast, eat it with mexican, or dip veggies in it! It has clean ingredients and is so much easier than cutting up an avocado.)

  4. Rice/Quinoa (I try to find quick cooking with clean ingredients or make it in batches…mix it with beans or add it into other dishes to health it up)

Ok, now onto some new and old recipes I tried this week!

ashley manley

This yuuummmyyy mexican quinoa stuffed pepper recipe (found HERE ) The pepper filling made so much (I only made 2 full peppers) that I froze the rest for later!

ashley manley

Overnight Oats…for the first time ever! I know, I know, where have I been? This was so easy and yummy! I made a pumpkin spiced version (following THIS recipe, using maple syrup and coconut milk)

ashley manley

COLLARDS! Emphasis on this one because I love collard greens y’all! I don’t follow an actual recipe but here’s how it usually looks: clean greens and put them in a crock pot with a clean broth (I used an organic bone broth from walmart but you could also use veggie broth) apple cider vinegar (maybe the most important ingredient) salt, pepper, minced garlic, a dash of cajun seasoning, and a quartered onion. Cook on low for a few hours until it’s soft and delicious. Tastes awesome with cornbread, but, you know, clean eating problems.

ashley manley

Sheet Pan Anything…on this particular night, chicken! I just love how versatile this is. You can use almost any meat or any vegetable and it’s in ONE FLIPPING PAN! Go to google and look up sheet pan meals…game changer!

ashley manley

Whatever Soup…which is soup made from whatever you have. I’ve learned if I have broth, tomato sauce and frozen veggies on hand, anything is possible, including almost world domination. This one has a base of ground turkey, herbs from the garden, and threw in some sweet potatoes, topped with nutritional yeast. Sometimes healthy is also creative :) Also, would have been awesome with a grilled cheese, just saying.

Ok, that’s it…I hope in some way this post was helpful or inspirational or at least made you want to grab some kale or something. Happy eating y’all! xo

Oh, and make sure you go visit my friend Jill…she’s the bomb!