finding time for yoga (when there's none to find)

finding time for yoga (when there's none to find)

Any time I have a conversations with someone and my yoga practice comes up, without fail I almost always get at least one “I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I just don’t have time! Maybe when…(the kids are in school/the holidays are over/after our vacation/I finish the project at work/ once this one magical thing happens and I have all the time in the world to dedicate to myself).”

In the sweetest most tough love way, I’m calling bullshit. Please know, bullshit doesn’t mean I don’t get it…I do. However, I’ve learned from using the “I don’t have time” card for 33 years, it almost always means “I don’t want to make time.”

ashley manley

We all have stuff. My stuff and your stuff might not look the same, but it’s there regardless. For me, finding time means working around my husband’s crazy travel schedule and our homeschool schedule and my kids ever tiring sleep schedules. There was a lot of trial and error to try to figure out how to make this work. There was frustration…time on my mat cut short because I was interrupted. Time I didn’t make it because it was 9PM and I realized it just wasn’t happening. It took weeks…WEEKS!..of me setting alarms, snoozing through alarms, setting new alarms, letting chores go undone, and feeling waves of guilt because I was closing my bedroom door for 30-minutes to take time for myself.

But finally, I figured it out. I found my own magical time and space where I could make things work for me, my schedule, and my family. Maybe waking up at 6AM to hop on a yoga mat won’t work for you. Maybe you’ll already be at work or maybe you haven’t been sleeping very long. Maybe you, like me, have kids that genuinely like to be awake every moment that you are and won’t sleep in even if all of mankind depended on that. I get it.

If yoga (or anything for that matter) is something you want to make time for but you genuinely feel like you can’t find any, I’m here to help you make some space. You deserve it.


Ashley Manley

We all have wasted time. I scroll through instagram for for probably 30-minutes to an hour a day. I watch mindless TV shows to relax when the kids nap or go to bed at night. I lay on the couch and see what’s new on amazon. I’m not saying any of this is bad or needs to be eliminated from my life or yours, but I am saying that ALL of the time you spend doing these things probably isn’t necessary. Spending 20-minutes on my mat makes me feel a lot better than spending 20-minutes scrolling on instagram or checking out the deals of the day. Spending 20-minutes on my mat makes me feel a lot better about myself than laying in bed 20-minutes longer in the morning.

And remember, better and easy aren’t the same. It’s easy to sit on the couch and watch The Office reruns, it’s hard to unroll the mat and turn off The Office.


ashley manley

Nobody likes to say they need help. At least for me, I feel weak and like I’m failing at my job. Finally, I realized I just need to swallow my damn pride and ask for the help. For me, it’s asking my husband to help with the kids when I need to go into the bedroom to spend some time doing yoga. At first, I felt really guilty. Like…who was I to go in the bedroom for 30-minutes to do something good for my mind and body and leave these kids in the backyard with their father?!

Can we just all agree how ridiculous that last sentence even sounds?!

Explain to your spouse, friend, or family member that you’ve really been trying to get in a routine of doing yoga but you are struggling to find time and would love if they would help with the kids (or whatever your obligations are) so you can have that time. Anyone that really loves you will absolutely support you and be happy to give you this help. Your people want you to feel your best, don’t sell them short and think they would want anything less for you!


ashley manley

In an ideal world, we’d all get 60-minutes in a zenned out hot yoga room decked out with plants and crystals that also happens to be in our back yard and also happens to overlook the ocean and mountains and also happens to sound like wind chimes and bird songs and waterfalls. I don’t happen to live in that world. Some days, you have to let your bedroom that also has laundry baskets and shoes on the floor be your sacred space. You’ll have to let 10-minutes be as good as 60-minutes. You’ll have to let spending your entire practice in Downward Facing dog be as good as a sequence with 50 advanced poses. You’ll have to let a savasana of you obsessing over your to-do list be as good as a meditation where you clear your mind completely.

Sometimes, good enough has to be good enough and you have to remember tomorrow is a new day.

The hardest part is showing up and I know you can get there. xo

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