Prepping for Whole30 (Part 3: Grocery Gettin')

Prepping for Whole30 (Part 3: Grocery Gettin')

Hey-oh! We are getting closer to the big day- starting a Whole30! Woo-hoo! Today I’m talking to you about something that might seem a little pointless but stick with me….we are digging deep into gettin’ groceries.

As you’ve learned in the first two parts of this series (start HERE if you don’t know what I’m talking about) that planning is king when it comes to a successful Whole30 and grocery shopping is part of that.  Gone are the days of mindlessly wandering the aisles grabbing whatever might be good with something you might have in your pantry.  My advice? Know what you have, know what you don’t, and know what you need.

In Step 2 I had you make a menu for whatever length of time you wanted and list out the ingredients required for each meal next to it.  Now it’s time to make a list and go buy all the things to make that menu come to life!

Let’s start with the pantry! What do you need and what do you already have? Things to consider here are broths, canned goods, spices, ghee, oils, and sauces.  If you are going to buy store bought compliant dressings know you might need to order these from amazon or a specialty store.  If you aren’t sure what you might need, here are a couple links to help…my go-to spices are HERE and my go-to sauces are HERE.  READ YOUR LABELS! You might see you need some salsa for Taco Tuesday but you already have one in the pantry. Great! Then you read the label and see yours contains sugar in the ingredients- not great.  Put salsa on the shopping list!

Once you finish with the pantry do the same thing with your freezer and refrigerator.  Writing all the things down as you go.  What meats and fruit/vegetables do you have? What do you need?

Now that you have a list, pick a grocery store of your choice and get a move on!  I do most of my shopping at Walmart, but whatever store you have will be great.  I do recommend ditching your kids (if you have kids) for this trip as first time Whole30 shopping trips tend to take forever as you start learning to read labels so intensely. Or, if it’s an option try ordering your groceries online. Not only can you read labels from the comfort of your couch, you can also do it without wearing a bra! Win win! Some local chains that offer it here in the Midwest are Kroger, Walmart, and Hyvee. If you aren’t on the grocery ordering/pick-up bandwagon, I recommend you give it a try! It changed my life!!!!

The  Whole30 recommendation is organic for most things including meat.  However, it’s a recommendation.  I don’t always buy organic, probably only 30% of the time.  You do what suits your budget here, just make sure the ingredient list is 100% on plan. Organic bacon with sugar? Out.  Tuna with soy? Out. Almonds roasted in peanut oil? No.  It will be a very long process wandering in the aisles of canned goods, nuts, and other packaged items but it will get faster once you get to know the brands and exactly what to look for.  Additives are the most overwhelming part of label reading for me so you might want to keep THIS LIST really close so you don’t get frustrated.

Your Assignment: It’s your turn to grocery shop! You got this! Remember, it’s going to take a while and be harder than any other run to the grocery store you’ve probably ever made- don’t let that deter you! It will get better and faster the more you do it.

Once you are done shopping, you will be ready for the fourth and final post of this series, doing the work. Check back tomorrow for it!

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