Prepping for Whole30 (Part 4: Prep Day!)

Prepping for Whole30 (Part 4: Prep Day!)

Alright…you have your plan, you have your menu, you have your groceries…now it’s time to get to work and really prepare for the next 30 days. (If you don’t have any of those things prepared, you might wanna hop back to THIS post to start from the beginning.) So…roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and let’s start destroying the kitchen!

ashley manley

There are many different ways to prep…you might take your designated prep day (usually Sunday or Monday for me) and make a lot of food to get you through the week.  Maybe you are baking chicken or browning meat.  You might even make a breakfast frittata that you will reheat throughout the week for all of your breakfast meals.  As someone that doesn’t pre-cook many meals, I don’t have much of this in my prep day.

For the very first prep-day of the Whole30 I do the following:

I mix up my homemade spices in a quadrupled quantity and store them in mason jars because I assume I will use at least one serving of them per week.  If I do it this way I won’t have to deal with them the rest of the month (at least for these meals).  Specifically, I make taco seasoning and sausage seasoning like this (see those recipes HERE).

I divide my meat into freezer bags.  I typically buy larger packs of meat at the beginning and try to make it last the whole month.  Sadly my math is always off and sometime in week 3 I have to restock the freezer.  One day I’ll do the math right!  I split chicken breasts out into bags of 2 as well as divide ground meat into 1lb portions.  

Every other prep-day for the rest of the month (meaning Sundays) I only do the following:

Prep dressings.  I make one mason jar of balsamic vinaigrette dressing and one mason jar of dump ranch (that I literally dump on E V E R Y T H I N G!!!) 

Make any miscellaneous food I want on the menu.  Some weeks I want to have sweet potato toast as an option at breakfast so I pre-bake a couple of potatoes worth on Sunday and toss them in the fridge to reheat crisp via toaster easily in the morning.  I also might make a batch of breakfast sausage and freeze it to make mornings easier.

And that is literally all I do! Not so bad, right?!

The morning of Whole30 Day 1 I wake up, make my breakfast, make sure my protein is thawed (or thawing) that I will need for dinner that night, and my life goes on the exact same way as if I wasn’t on a Whole30.  

Your Assignment: Should be pretty obvious but if you missed it: GET TO WORK! Start prepping dressings and seasonings (unless you went all compliant store bought on me!) and any food items that will make your life easier. Tomorrow is the big day…you are going to kill this Whole30!

ashley manley

Is Whole30 difficult? At first, definitely yes.  Is that a reason not to try it? Definitely no.  Whole30 totally changed my relationship with food.  I’m more mindful in how I cook, shop, and eat.  I still love a good glass of red wine and tacos in a shell, but I also feel very in control of my food choices.  I know that I can live without the sour cream and the wine and I choose if I want them, not just consuming out of habit.  

But the results didn’t just happen…it took a lot of work to cook through those 30 days! Hopefully this series helped you realize it is a doable (and not so scary!) process that you can absolutely do! Happiest of Whole30s to you! xo